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July 17, 2006

Obsessed, all over again. I feel so brand new.

This is a photo of The Great Sobakowa taken about a month ago. She still looks the same. This picture is here in place of the pictures I took to accompany this column, yet in my fog and stupor of pre-caffienation this morning, I left my camera conveniently sitting on the table. At home. Nice.

Perhaps the best thing about my long break from knitting was that the very moment I picked up the needles and yarn yesterday, I fell in love with it all over again. The calm feeling you get from watching your project grow, the magic way yarn and sticks turn into fabric, the endless possibility.

I haven't knitted seriously in months (HA HAH HA!! I'm sorry, did I use the word "serious" and "knitting" in a sentence? Because I am such a serious knitter! Let me tell you about this complex garter stitch scarf I made once... really. It was so serious!) Anyway, I haven't knitted on a project in about five months.

Partially, I was busy with work and doing more driving (less time on the bus means less knitting time), and partly I think it just got so damn hot that I was uninspired. Or maybe this is the way it goes with crafting in general? You fall in love with it and obsess over every fiber and pattern and book, then one day you don't knit. And one day turns into a week and before long it's three or five months.

Yesterday it was eleventeen hundred degrees outside, so I cranked up the A/C and cleaned the living room and as I was dusting the bookcase which contains a fair amount of my stash, I saw the two beautiful skeins of Noro transitions that Linda at Yarnzilla had sent me. Transitions is one of my all-time favorite yarns, it appeals to my knitting attention deficit disorder on both a visual and tactile level: you see, in the world of Knitting ADD, you can't get bored with a project when the yarn changes colors sporadically. I have tested this theory out on myself. But Transitions changes fibers, too, and it's a truly beautiful yarn, a piece of art in itself. Last year I made a scarf out of one skein I'd purchased locally, and I wore that scarf all winter, it was definitely a favorite.

I placed the two Yarnzilla skeins of Noro on my coffee table as inspiration. But the knitting bug had bitten, again, and so while I was deciding what fabulous project to make with the Noro (read: scarf) (ya'll, consider the source, ok?) I delved into Stash City Annex and came out with several skeins of wool in different colors and a half-assed twelve rows of unfinished Kitty Pi I had started back in, oh, November? No, no, it was last October, because Annie was here and she showed me how to wrap and turn a stitch, and as I looked at the pile of yarn aspiring to be a cat bed, a mere twelve rows of knitting which had sat alone in a Ziploc baggie for months on end, I smiled because I remembered how much fun I had that evening, Annie and me having a beer, side-by-side on my sofa, the Knitting Goddess herself showing me a cool stitch technique! She was here visiting the week of my wedding anniversary, and she managed not to flee me and my craziness. This Kitty Pi had a history, ya'll.

And of course then there are the poor, pi-less cats here at Chez Poopsalot. My herd of felines has loved their first pi nearly to death, so I dug out my knitting instructions (Wendy, you are a genius) and got to work on the very serious business of garter stitching under the influence. The cats snuggled on the sofa, and I did have to adjust the temperature downward a notch on the A/C, twice, but it felt so good and comforting and happy to be sitting on the sofa, surrounded by yarn and pattern notes and watching a Tivo'd episode of "Mysteries From The Deep."

There's nothing like the feeling of safety and calm and happiness I get from such a simple thing, knitting in the round, feeling the yarn in my hands, occassionally sneaking a peek at my manicured hands with a smug redneck smile.

God, I love to knit. I do I do I do.

Posted by laurie at July 17, 2006 12:20 PM