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May 4, 2006

The Paris Scarf

... which has nothing at all to do with Paris! I bought the yarn for this project before I went on vacation back in March, and although I had high hopes for churning out a pretty little skinny scarf on the plane, I knit nary a stitch.

However, while I was in le city of le fashion, I noticed that European women were wearing really wide, long scarves all around town. I particularly liked the deconstructed, messy scarves with knots and weird fringe and tangles, as I am a person who often finds herself drawn to knots and tangles. So, when I finally got around to casting on for this scarf, I made it fairly wide and used bigger needles because I am le cheapskate, and didn't want to buy eleventeen skeins of this stuff.

Yarn: Modea Dea's "curious" in the Black Cherry color

This is a curious yarn indeed, a very lightweight ribbon with these wonky pieces of, uh, embellishment sewn on every few inches. It takes a little while to get into the knitting groove with this yarn, because the funky things catch on the stitches from time to time. But it knits up all crazy and muppet-like. (There I go using fancy knitting terminology. Such as "muppet-like" and "funky things.")

Here's what I did:
• Cast on 30 stitches, using a size 15 needle.
• Knit through about three skeins, leaving a little yarn left on the third skein
• Bind off
• Oh! When you're knitting and joining a new ball of yarn, don't bother knitting the ends in. Just tie a knot, leaving about five inches of yarn tail, and knit on.
• And, if you're crazy like me, when the scarf is all done, cut about ten random size pieces of the leftover yarn to tie in random areas, in a "I've been drinking and thought funky schizo fringe would be cool" kind of way.


Click the image below for a much larger view:

However, and perhaps it is my state of mind or just the pure fact that I do love a unique and unusual accessory, upon completion I have decided this scrappy, funky scarf just isn't ... funky enough. As is my way. Bring on the funk! So, I picked up one skein of Mode Dea "gleam" in a matching-ish color (Rubelite). This yarn is a compilation of mohair and nylon and ribbon and sparkle and all kinds of stuff. It's surprisingly soft and fits the funkified bill.

Moda Dea "gleam" in Rubelite

I spread the completed scarf out on the guest bed last night and stared at it for a while, glass of wine in hand, cat hair damn near everywhere. Maybe that was an overshare. It's been that kind of week.

I think that I'm going to use a large-eye yarn needle, and thread up with the "gleam" yarn, and start weaving it in and out of my stitches from one end to the other (longways, from top of scarf to bottom of scarf.) Perhaps then my scarf will reach its pinnacle of funk, or fugly, depending on your point of view.

I planned to do this weaving and funkifying at Stitch 'n Bitch tonight and take a poll on how many people think said scarf is just butt-ugly versus how many people think funky is the new pretty. But instead, I will be at Sherman Oaks Vet tonight with one Sobatater, who is all the sudden sick because Lord knows we can't have a day and a half here at Chez Financial Ruin without somebody getting their heart broken or someone sneezing up a snotball.

Luckily, this scarf is so "funky" it will hide snotballs quite well, thankyouverymuch.

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