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May 12, 2006

Reminiscing 'cause it feels so good.

Love’s Baby Soft. That is the way I remember fifth grade.

I was never really a girlie-girl until I discovered Robert Allison, and that is around the same time I noticed that my entire fifth grade class smelled like a Bonne Belle factory. We became obsessed, it seemed, all at once: two months before school let out, we noticed we’d soon be Very Grown Up Sixth Graders and then came the Lip Smackers and furtive trips to the girls’ bathroom to check out stolen makeup from mom’s makeup bag.

And the Love’s Baby Soft. It mingled with tea rose and some other God-awful scent and we preened and wore our jeans tighter and edged closer to the very back of the bus to see if Robert Allison was holding hands with anybody.

Ya'll remember how we used to have this lip gloss that came in little tins with a sliding lid that snapped into place? My favorite flavor was watermelon. I guess that is when I became the Lip Gloss Monster. I still am, even though sometimes it's just Carmex.

And because I lived in a little one-stop-light town way out in the country, we went to 4-H camp every year. Camp was two parent-free weeks of swimming in water that I cannot imagine swimming in now and wearing short-shorts and eating marshmallows at every meal. I was the only girl who signed up for the wood carving class (proving even then that I knew how to get an audience of guys all to myself.) Unfortunately, boys are slower than girls -- and while I did learn how to use a router, I was no closer to Robert Allison. To get his attention I would have had to turn into a basketball, or maybe a Ford Mustang (at least until eighth grade, but that’s another story.)

One summer at camp, I learned that Danette Broglio’s mom and dad would put on Neil Diamond records before they Did It. And if you had seen Danette’s parents, which I had, then you would understand why I cannot listen to Neil Diamond to this very day without getting a little skeeved out.

I’m not sure what made me think of all this, especially since I’m way to young to be reminiscing about the past like a crotchety old fart. On the other hand, though -- it’s May-nearing-June and it’s sunny and I feel just like I did right then, wanting to be free, to be outside, to see what summer has in store for me, and I want to be just innocent enough to think that Love’s Baby Soft is really cool.

Roy is baby soft when he's asleep.

Posted by laurie at May 12, 2006 9:55 AM