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April 20, 2006

Speechless. Blah blah blah.

Some General Bellyaching
I know ya'll get tired of me bitching about the gas prices
but yet still I persist. It is my way.

I drove past eight filling stations this morning, and this was the CHEAPEST gas I found. I never thought the day would come when I would weep with joy at the memory of finding gas at $2.95 a gallon. Well, OK, maybe they wouldn't be tears of joy, exactly...

In Other News
One of the delightful things Francisco did for me last month during his chopping frenzy was to remove the box shrubs that used to be on either side of the laundry room door. Well, it's actually the back door to the garage, but it opens to the laundry area, and I don't park my car in there, so I officially call the garage "the laundry room." Apparently, I am well on my way to official Southern Quirkiness, the stage of life when southern folks begin to give people driving directions in the following manner: "Turn left where the old truck used to be, then head out a ways to the old Wright family place, you know where they used to keep the horses before the Wal-Mart came to town?" None of which makes any sense to someone needing directions who has never seen the old truck which is no longer there and has no idea of the entire geneology of the town. Ya'll know.

Anyway! I came home from work one day and the walls along the laundry room door were naked. The box shrubs had been completely removed. They were nice shrubs. I tipped a 40 out to my shrub homies, what else can you do? He moved some potted aloe vera plants there instead.

High off the success of my raised bed garden construction project, I decided to build small boxes around the laundry room door dirt areas, fill them with potting soil and grow the okra and a tomato plant there, with some marigolds thrown in for good measure. This of course meant a trip back to Home Depot, where all I will say is that I got very, very good service and ya'll know what? This gardening experiment is going to be the best thing ever! Who knows what I could grow this summer? I mean really. One just never knows. I'm going to finish building the laundry room garden boxes this weekend and wander around my yard in a giant floppy southern sun hat while tippling on a mint julep and calling everyone "sugar." Just for practice. Ya'll know.

I came home one dark evening to discover this ... where once two big box shrubs had lived. Live hard, die fast. That's our motto at Chez Chops-a-lot!

Posted by laurie at April 20, 2006 9:29 AM