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March 2, 2006

M-I-crooked-letter-crooked letter-I ...


That's me, gettin' my redneck on a few years ago. "Pull over right here RIGHT HERE I need my picture taken!" Ah, so many of my good memories involve cars, and Mississippi, and possibly the side of the highway.

Except the one time I was maybe driving back to our house (we were living in Columbus, Mississippi at that time, and it was dark and we lived way the heck out in the country off rural route something-or-other) and a giant deer committed suicide on my car. A few weeks later an owl made a similar maneuver (and ya'll. Owls are BIG.) Or there was the time I was driving some back roads and it was raining and the ground was real saturated and ... a tree fell on my car. Yes. A HUGE GIANT OAK TREE started falling to the ground at the EXACT MOMENT I was driving past it. You try explaining that one to your daddy.

Dad: Why didn't you stop, then, if a tree really fell on your car?

Me: Daddy, the tree was already dead. And I had to pee.

Dad: How on earth am I going to explain this to the State Farm guy?

Me: Remind him about the deer and the owl and he shouldn't have any trouble with a tree.

Dad: You must be the only human to have three 'Acts of God' accidents a year.

Me: God is maybe mad?

Well, all right then, technically the 'Acts of God' I experienced during that time do not qualify as my good memories of Mississippi, but anyway.

Mississippi is: amazing good food, nice people, sweet tea, lots of rain, good thunderstorms, and flowers that bloom overnight. Mean oak trees that attack your car and suicide deer. Ole Miss, bulldogs, Southern Ladies, guys who always open the door for you, amazing barbecue, excellent roadside stops, fried okra, the smell of a Marlboro Red, a jukebox, the Delta. One State Farm agent who was real happy not to have me as a daughter. Hummingbirds. Hush puppies.

Mississippi is also in dire need of some TLC. There's still barely a stick standing in Pass Christian and so many other towns. There's just devastation and debris, even six months later. Now, I personally do not have buckets of money, but I do have plenty of time and some mad painting skills so I signed up with Habitat For Humanity today, I think they're a real stand-up organization and as soon as they're organizing folks to go down and start building, I want to be on the list! You can donate either time or money or both. So ya'll sign up! We can all go together. I promise to bring the sweet tea ... but someone else has really got to do the driving. Seriously.

Posted by laurie at March 2, 2006 9:18 AM