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March 13, 2006

I survived The Scary Storm of 2006 and all I got was this bumper sticker.

On Friday, I left my desk and walked to the elevators fully clothed for what would be my final weekday foray into the cold, bleak streets of Downtown Los Angeles and I was wearing the following:

• One winter coat
• One handknit wool scarf
• One handknit wool hat that did not in any way, shape or form match the scarf
• One pair of lined gloves
• One pair Ugg boots

Because it was... you know, something like 51 degrees. Anyway. I walked onto the elevator and Unnamed Coworker Originally From Boston, who was already inside the elevator, began laughing at me in what can only be described as an "I am laughing at you not with you" moment.

"It's fine," I said. "Laugh all you want. It's COLD out there. And I get one opportunity a year to wear all the crap I knit."

"I see you took this opportunity to wear it all at one time."


He had his good hearty laugh, smug little man, and then we walked off the elevators and out the main plaza doors where an ICY ARCTIC wind greeted us.

"OH MY GOD IT'S FREEZING," said Unnamed Coworker Originally From Boston who thinks he's much tougher than he is, but yet has succumbed to the wussy California weather like all good transplants.

"Yes," I said, vindicated. "It is cold for the hatless, scarfless, and gloveless. Like you. YOU WHO SCOFFED."


"It's so sad to see grown men shiver." I said, "You might die. It was nice knowing you."

And so that is the story of how I came to look like a ridiculously dressed "special" child waiting for the bus on Friday, yet I was warm, and there was no further scoffing (at least to my face).

I Freeze

On Saturday, I did the unthinkable: I left the Valley to A) go over the hill even though B) it was cold and C) MIGHT possibly rain. I felt very brave and adventurous. And then I felt sort of stupid, because my intended destination was the Farmer's Market for a once-a-month Saturday Stitch 'n Bitch but I somehow managed to drive all the way to the Beverly Center, which is WAY PAST the Farmer's Market. And I was maybe a teensy bit still asleep, because all I could think was, "How did the Beverly Center get here?"

Brandi is peaced out; Christine knitted a whole Barbie outfit!

Barbie poses with Ellen in the background; look at how brave we are to eat lunch in the cold!

I love the Saturday morning SnB group, just the nicest ladies you'll ever meet. On my way home from knitting and shivering, I spotted REAL ACTUAL WEATHER about to happen. It was very exciting as you can well imagine.

Weather! Scary Valley power lines! Also: am I hermetically sealed to this hat now?

Weather! Foreboding! Exciting!

Since I had the camera out, ya'll know, it was lucky that I was able to find myself behind a car proudly displaying a ... typo. I love that people in Los Angeles adorn their cars with all kinds of sayings, so we can know for sure who they are and what they stand for, but maybe some quality control is in need?



I am 100 por ciento sure that I would ask for my money back on that one.

Posted by laurie at March 13, 2006 10:28 AM