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March 10, 2006

Friday! Punctuation at the end of a crazy week.

Before we get to the part where I do the writing of whatever excruciating cuteness the cats may be perpetrating and all the general spinster tomfoolery that we do here at this website, I need to tell ya'll that it is indeed Not Raining Yet, but should be Raining Soon, and in preparation for this giant rain storm of biblical proportions which may or may not total 1/16th of an inch of actual wetness ruining the wax job on Californian cars, our local newscaster Paul Magers went buckwild crazy and Pimped His Ride, or rather, Pimped His Suit for us, the soon-to-maybe-be-wet audience:

Los Angeles: We Are Crazy. But Pimpy!

Now we bring you the diary portion of this diary. For those of you who do not knit, here's how this column will go today: a few paragraphs about Stitch 'n Bitch, a picture of my giant forehead, some status reporting on the Brangelina hat, more paragraphs that talk about blocking, and a cat picture. If this bores you to tears I can only suggest that ya'll join myspace.com, because I think one of the cats is on there doing God-knows-what all day long. I suspect it's Sobakowa because on the TV news they keep saying MySpace is full of predators and she sort of fits that description to a tee!


1) Stitch 'n Bitch 'n De-Hermitization

One of the biggest changes for me this past year has been my semi-de-hermitization, brought on largely by the incredible women I have met through SnB. Instead of choosing to stay in my head and house, which I do a fair amount of anyway, I made a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Farmer's Market at The Grove for Thursday night Stitch 'n Bitch West Hollywood style.

[click for larger image]

It was a nice, small group with great conversation (per usual) lovely ladies, beer and nachos (my "get skinny before Paris" diet is going SO WELL) and yarn, yarn, yarn. Which brings me to...

2) The Brangelina Hat
I had to cast on not once, not twice, but three times to get the correct amount of stitches for the wide-rib brim on this hat, and also did I mention beer and also talking? Plus, I have apparently lost the critical brain cells that make the math portion of knitting work. However! Thanks to the Great Minds Of Stitch 'n Bitch, I cast on the correct amount and will some day in the near future have a Brangelina Hat recipe for the world, because I am a giver. Unlike that Angelina, who is... a taker. Of Husbands. I'm just saying is all.

I'm going to make this hat out of Up Country, but I will make another out of something not discontinued, I promise. Like a good solid Wool-Ease. Plus, wool-ease.. washable! Patons, not so much. Notice also why I need many wide-brim hats... to cover my GINORMOUS forehead. Hello!

3) Roll with your inner Snoop Dogg and Block it Like It's Hot!
The other night when I was blocking my coworker scarf, I already had the steamer out and cat help aplenty, so I decided to block my pebbly double moss stitch scarf (I wrote a piece about it here last week.)

Blocking was crucial on this baby to make it grow. The yarn was almost $17 a skein, a soft snuggly Blue Sky Bulky, half wool and half alpaca blend. Love it! But I only had two skeins, so the blocking process here was targeted at making the scarf grow longer and skinnier (it was maybe a tad on the wide side) and I also wanted the stitches to relax a little. (Relax -- blocking is the new prozac!)





Once again I am shocked at how yarn can grow impossibly longer with steam. My pebbly scarf was too wide by just a tad and not quite long enough for my liking, and throught he magic of blocking I managed to steam and stretch and ply it into place just so, then I pinned the whole thing to the guest bed and let it dry overnight. A quick addition of fringe while watching the early news this morning, and viola! Scarf! True love comes in many forms. Like... fringe. And ... felines. It's great that they want to help around the house, you know. But maybe they could start by pooping less, instead of helping me block scarves with their tummies. I'm just suggesting is all.


And, speaking of much-needed punctuation (which was the title of this little essay about 27 inches ago, which is FOREVER in Webpage Standard Time) I just have to say ... thank you. Sometimes there are sleepless nights (and weeks) at Chez Crazy, and when that happens, I go online and read the 5 or 15 or 235 (!!!) amazing things folks have written, confided, wished for all of us. It's a lovely and amazing gift, and I thank you. And Sobakowa thanks you. Because nothing harshes her kittycat buzz more than getting her precious feline sleep disturbed by an insomniac human. Really.

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