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February 27, 2006

Somewhere in Los Angeles, someone is calling in sick because of the weather.


Will Starbucks have to open the patio umbrellas before noon? Will there be a run on anti-frizz hair products? Will cars be ravaged by droplets of water? Will Laurel Canyon be closed? Will it pre-empt Oprah for breaking news? Will I be stuck in traffic for eleventeen hours this evening?

It's all anyone can talk about. "I thought I saw a few raindrops!" "Is it going to rain?" "Have you heard if it's going to rain tonight or during rush hour?" "Maybe I should cut out early today." "I can't believe it looks like it might rain!"

Los Angeles = crazy.

The rain out here is like a personal insult, as if a cruel, naturally-frizz-free God were only out to ruin your shoes, your perfect blow-dry or the wax job on your car. If you commute, then you believe the rain is a personal affront to your livelihood and you're so pissed off about it that you drive even worse than usual. I tell ya'll these things, so that you understand Los Angeles isn't all sunshine and movie stars. We have our hardships.

Today's rain is big news -- even though technically it's just overcast with 15 seconds of sprinkles somewhere on the Westside. No matter! All the networks will start their news with "Storm Watch 2006" and traffic will be insane. If I ever decide to assimilate to the Los Angeles Borg and write a screenplay, my script will be a horror movie based in L.A. called "Sig Alert." Nobody I know can define "sig alert" and I'm not sure what one is either, but if you hear there's one on the 405 that means "hang out at Starbucks for an hour until it goes away." If it's raining, a sig alert means "go home and lock the doors."

On the upside, this would be a great day to visit Disneyland. That is, if you make it there intact.

In non-storm-related news:

On Saturday night, Faith hosted a small gathering at her place in West Hollywood. It was one of the best nights I've had in a long time! When I first learned to knit, it was simply because I needed an activity to keep me busy and focused on not becoming batshit crazy or drunk dialing you-know-who. I had no idea it would lead to a whole new group of friends, women who I adore, women who are smart and funny and who, at a Wine 'n Twine night such as this, talk about the following topics in no specific order:

Hippie communes
Panty selection at Target
Places we may move and form a compound of coolness
Real estate
Knitting shops
The effect of internet porn on men's unrealistic expectations for women and for themselves
The Wizard of Bras
The overt effects of media on young women
Logan's Run
Made-for-TV movies of the 1980s
Afterschool specials
... and so much more.

Truly, how can you not love women with such a broad mix of conversation topics? Faith made The. Most. Amazing food ever, all bite-sized finger foods right out of a 1950s Perfect Hostess book, and we drank wine and knitted and talked and it was a perfect evening.

Plus, Justin came to the party to give 15-minute chair massages to us lucky ladies, and I am here to tell you ... if you have a party and you want to make every invitee VERY HAPPY, invite Justin and his massage chair. He's an amazing massuese (masseur? I have no idea) and I think I proposed to him and tried to sexually harrass him. Twice.

[click for larger pics]
Faith makes the mini-cheesecakes that were AMAZING.
I ate many mini cheesecakes.

L-R: Allison, who owns Super Crafty, and Shannita from
A Mano Yarns talk shop. Jane smiles pretty for the camera.

Sarah looks so happy! Allison and Justin check out Faith's
pattern in the new Stitch 'n Bitch crochet book. Go Faith!!

I started a scarf at the party out of some snuggly soft Blue Sky Bulky yarn (50% alpaca, 50% wool) and I actually got a fair amount knitted, which is not normal for me when I'm at a party since I tend to spend all my time visiting. But I ended up ripping the whole thing out on the bus this morning because it was too wide and I was going to run out of yarn before I finished. I have two skeins of this yarn and I can't justify buying another skein because at $16.60 a hank, this is already quite a splurge for a scarf. Maybe one day when I am stinking rich and rolling naked in money, I will be less spendthrifty. Maybe.

Anyway! Here we have still life with beginning (again) of scarf and Rainy Los Angeles... with no rain! No rain yet. But I'm sure doom is on its way. I feel the frizz coming on.

[click for larger pics]

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