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February 10, 2006

Knitterly niceness, if you are so inclined...

A few days ago, I posted an email from M.A. who sent me a link to a great column in the Daily News about knitting. As a follow up, M.A. forwarded me some correspondence she'd had from the Director of the Noontime Knitting Club program:

[The program] always needs yarn, but more importantly, we need needles. The kids take them home, and we have new knitters every week. We have been buying the inexpensive needles from Target, JoAnns, and Michaels. Sizes 11 and up and short in length seem to be the best ones for beginning hands.

It is a diverse group, with volunteer adults who are either helping the kids learn or helping them feel better by struggling to learn with them. It is a heart-warming experience for all of us.

We are at:
Sepulveda Middle School Magnet
15330 Plummer Street
North Hills, CA 91343

We would love any support!

Judy Plouff

I wanted to post this in case any of ya'll have extras in your needle collection, especially size 11 and up. I know firsthand that there are no bigger hearts on this planet than a bunch of knitters. Maybe it's from all that Red Heart we all have piled in our stashes!

My boss is calling. Ya'll have a great Friday!


Posted by laurie at February 10, 2006 9:01 AM