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January 9, 2006

Picture-perfect weekend

From L-R, clockwise: Penny, Rachel, Amber, Karman, Shannon, me, Jennifer, Gloria.

Hi! Hello! Monday. But the weekend was so nice, can it last a little longer?

Friday was Jennifer's birthday party, and she made a lovely French bistro-themed meal and at one point, Shannon turned to everyone and said ... we will soon be eating in restaurants IN PARIS!! And it is true, because Shannon and Amber are coming to Paris, too, and Gloria will be coming in midway through our trip, and this vacation will be NOTHING like visits to Paris in the past, because I will be with a whole gaggle of girls. Let the shopping commence!

More images of the party, click to enlarge:

Bread, crusty and tres French; Fondue!

Penny is so adorable; Shannon is a supermodel!

Then on Sunday, my mom flew into town. I miss my folks so much and seeing her is a treat! I wish my dad could have come, too, but he sent along some Cavender's Greek Seasoning (which she produced from her handbag) (hello, airport security! this is my greek seasoning!) because I can't find it in the stores here. My dad wants to make sure that any attempts I make at cooking are encouraged, and he could not allow the dirth of Cavender's to deter me.

My Aunt Pam and my Grandma picked her up at the airport, then they met me at Olvera Street for an early lunch and some shopping. Olvera Street is one of my favorite places in all of Los Angeles. It's big and bright and noisy and there's tons of shopping (all the dia de los muertos stuff that I am addicted to) (if given the opportunity, I would decorate my house like a Tijuana brothel) and the food! Mmmm. The food. I took a picture of my food, but it was blurry... maybe because I was trying to eat and photograph at the same time?

My mom. Ya'll wonder why I am the way I am? hee hee



More pictures from Olvera Street, click for bigger:

Aztec dancers; all the Mexican wrestling masks you could ever want! Mucha Lucha!

Sweet shop; dulces; L-R: my mom, Aunt Pam, Grandma.

I love you, Los Angeles.

And now, Monday. Can ya'll believe it is already the NINTH day of January two-thousand-SIX?

No? Neither can Roy!


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