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November 15, 2005

Please alert the Mother Nature that it is NOVEMBER.


Two weekends ago I replaced the wilted, fading summer plants (basil, chives, parsley, some rather mutated and sad-looking daisies) with my fall flowers. The hanging baskets got filled with cheerful autumn daisies, and there are the garden mums, and two huge poinsettias and some other flowers that are (were) purple and pretty.

Then November? The one that is supposed to be all cool and autumn-like? Well, NOVEMBER IS A BIG FAT LIAR. Here in sunny and scorched Southern California, we have a red flag fire alert because it's over NINETY DEGREES with high winds and low humidity. IN NOVEMBER. And my hanging baskets had to be shuffled under the patio for shade and the pretty purple flowers? Crispy. So sad! Hate you, nature! First you go and ruin the world with tsunamis and hurricanes and wildfires and tornadoes and now you bake my garden mums!! WHEN WILL THE INSANITY STOP??? GO GET LAID ALREADY AND STOP BEING SO MEAN.

(This is the part where my mom, who is reading this because someone in her office probably said, "Uh, your daughter just told the weather to get a vibrator... " wonders where she went wrong and seriously wishes she had sent me to Catholic shool.)

So! Hello! It is hot down here in Los Angelesville!


Posted by laurie at November 15, 2005 9:25 AM