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November 23, 2005

I think I have a special node on my DNA for "tacky"

Let's talk about knitting and pretend the emotional meltdown never happened. Hi!

Lately I am only interested in self-striping yarn. This is why I love Noro so much -- you'll be knitting along on miles of stockinette or 2 x 2 ribbing, and just when boredom is about to strike and you're tempted to cast on for yet another project, the yarn magically changes color and Hello! I'm interested again! Sad, so sad that I have the attention span of a cabbage.

On Saturday I took Drew to Unwind, my favorite local yarn shop, and the helpful staff (enablers, all of them) pointed me in the direction of this super-fuzzy yarn that makes clear hard stripes, I picked black and red.

Pics of me and Drew harrassing the nice folks at Unwind, click for full-size:

The yarn I bought: Lana Grossa "Pep Blocco" in black and red, excuse the horrible photo quality please, there was wine involved:

This fuzzy, stripey ball of fluff is going to be a boa-ish scarf for Karman, I wasn't sure if the color combo was maybe too much "I'm a pirate!" but last night Shannon assured me it's perfect for Karman. (Our favorite pirate?) It's 80% Microfiber, 20% Polyamid, 100% Tacky. Love it!

I cast on 32 stitches using big needles -- size 15. I find that when I want to do a quick knit (especially with eyelash yarns) using a big needle gives the fabric an airier, almost drop-stitch pattern. Plus, did I mention the word QUICK? These are my weirdly-shaped hand-carved Uncle Ronnie knitting needles purchased at A Major Knitwork in Reseda. They have an almost dolphin-shaped nose on them, but I love the pronounced needle tip with novelty or eyelash yarns, makes it easier to get in under the stitches.

The Uncle Ronnies pose in front of an Ikea lamp. Disregard the multiple wounds and scratches on my hands from one Roy, a cat who would rather kill you dead than take antibiotics.

The Uncle Ronnies in action -- bus knitting!

Shannon brought In-n-Out over for dinner last night, and sparkling white wine from Trader Joe's ... OK. COME ON PEOPLE. She just totally upped the bar in the Perfect Friend world, I mean cheeseburgers and fries from In-n-Out and wine? SHE IS SO SO PRETTY. Cheeseburgers! Fizzy wine! Totally not on the Dr. Weil List of Things That Make My Ass Look Smaller! I doused the fries really heavy with ketchup since that has... um, antioxidants? Or something?

Possibly the most beautiful sight on earth.

Owing to my tacky gene, I prefer cheeseburgers to all haute cuisine. Serve with champagne for that high-class TV Dinner feeling. Life gets no better than this, folks.

Plus Shan gave Roy a card and some toys, because we are all crazy cat ladies with no kids and this is what we do. I haven't yet thrown birthday parties for the cats or dressed them up in funny outfits but ya'll I am only thirty-four. There is plenty of time.

Roy with his card and toys. Sniffle snortle, plop over.

So this yarn is knitting up fuzzy and forgiving (I accidentally increased a stitch and then knit two together to recover and yet... all is well in the eyelash world) but I still can't help thinking this color combination is just a wee bit on the Bold & Tacky side. ("Do you shop at the Big & Tall Store? No! Only Bold & Tacky for me!") Maybe if I get Karman really liquored up when I give it to her she won't mind. Or it will be something we make jokes about later, "Remember that time I made you that horrible fuzzy crap scarf? The one that looked like a drag queen muppet? HAR HAR!" but no way am I stopping the knit because... look! It changes colors! Magic! Gnomes!



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