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November 14, 2005

I love my little kippers!

Real knitters call their works-in-progress "WIPs," which stands for, you know, Works In Progress.

Which may seem obvious. TO SOME.

Other knitters, the remedial kind or those who can't make it through one entire day without making up a word or two, maybe have a different acronym for their knitted projects-in-progress. KIP. For Knits In Progress. But of course some people can't leave well enough alone and maybe forget that the point of the acronymn is to shorten the long name, and instead decide the acronymn needs a nickname, and ergo ... the birth of the word Kippers. As it applies to knitted junk.

I have many kippers! Nothing finished. Just lots of irons, fires, etc. This is my dining table which is, oddly enough, never used for dining:

dining table


dining table

And even closer:

On the left corner we have a still-uncompleted fuzzyfoot, perhaps suffering performance anxiety as result of knitalong. Many fast knitters. Knitting ADD kicks in? Next to it is the wool-ease chunky ribbed scarf I decided to knit for God Only Knows Why, since ribbing is quite thick and cozy, and nobody I know lives in a place cold enough to need a scarf this heavy. Also, I maybe was drinking one night and joined yarn in the middle of a row. Whoops! If you want this delightful piece of green ribbing, it is all yours.

Moving to the middle of the table:

Ah, my lovely white cable-knit scarf, the very first thing I'm making all for me! me! me! This is from a pattern in the "Scarves!" book by Candi Jensen. I love it, but I only have one row counter and I needed it for my fuzzyfoot, so I stopped this scarf after finishing a set of repeats. Plus, cabling is kind of slow going for me, even though I LOVE it. So, this scarf may be ready for me to wear in the year 2027.

And on the other side of the table, we have:

What's that? Yes! Another kitty pi! This one in a rich chocolately brown to match my sofa. One day, little kitties. This pi will be yours!

I'm really behind on my holiday knitting list, plus I've been busy whining and contemplating my navel, and oh! DREW IS COMING TO TOWN IN THREE DAYS!!!! When life gets really busy and you have A LOT of stuff to do, you know there is only one thing that will make everything OK, and that thing is ...

... online shopping. Of course!

These are the world's teeniest circular needles EVER!! I even received them in a timely manner because they were small enough to ship in an envelope, so I had them sent to my house instead of my mailbox. And look, so cute!

Teeny Circs
Here at Chez Sherlock, nothing gets by Roy Cluesoe and his trusty friend, Bob Columbo.

They are clover brand Mini Circulars, but the product is still so new (I'm guessing?) that the packaging is in Japanese:

Teeny Circs
Nothing gets by without a taste test.

These are molded plastic, with a flexible plastic ribbon-ish piece molded between them, and they are a little awkward at first, but no more awkward than four double-pointed needles, in my opinion.

Teeny Circs
Touchdown, Bob!

I'm planning on making arm-warmers with these, and maybe (one day!) real socks! I bought these online from Halcyon Yarns, and shipping was very fast, plus they included two huge catalogs of all kinds of crazy spinning stuff and beautiful yarn and you name it. The baby circs can be located on their website, right here, just scroll to the very bottom of that page.

And Anne sent me an email letting me know the Village Knitter yarn shop and the folks in that area are doing some knitting and helping for the folks who were affected by the tornadoes recently. Let Anne know if you want to help out!

And that concludes the current list of Kippers and recent shopping purchases. The yard sale went great, I made MOOLAH!! And a very nice young couple, newlyweds, bought ALL the Christmas stuff in one big sweep and took it home, and they were so happy. She said, "I guess this was meant to be, we didn't have anything at all for Christmas!" which made me so happy, I cannot even tell you. Plus, I got to meet three new neighbors on my street, and each one had great gossip about The Crackhouse. Apparently Crackhead Bob was dragged off one night by the po-po in handcuffs. HOW DID I MISS THIS? I mean yes, I prefer firemen, but any man in uniform is still ... well. A MAN IN UNIFORM!

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