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November 21, 2005

Four days of happy.



Best-guy-friend houseguests: 1
Near-death experiences: 2
Television interviews: 1
Television interviews in which I appear: 0
Times I told inappropriate secrets while intoxicated: 8
Number of wine bottles emptied: 7
In-n-Out burgers consumed: 2
Number of wireless internet routers correctly hooked up by yours truly: 0
Hours spent on phone with tech support: 2.5
Emotional breakdowns: 37
Number of secret gardens visited: 1
Rows of knitting completed: 0
Times I insist Drew must move here: 312
Times I resort to begging: 299
Hours spent on the freeway: 46.8
Yarn shops visited: 4
Times we talked about monkeys: 27
Turkey-shaped potholders purchased: 1
Cats sleeping on Drew: 4
Secret self-portraits I took using Drew's camera: 7
Tour Guides: 1, an excellent and patient Faith drove us from here to there and every awesome place in between, never once minding that me and Drew talked about cat poop
Time spent sleeping in the back of Faith's car: 2.75 hours
Times Ellen Bloom said "vibrator" at the party: 2!!! HA! Even the uber-classy Ellen has been tainted by you-know-who!!!
Extra-strength Tylenol consumed: 8
Times we blamed everything on the wine: 77
Times I pulled over and cried on the side of the road after dropping off houseguests at the airport: 1
Days I wish I could write more but AAA is on the way over here to tow my broken Jeep (again) and Jennifer is coming to the Valley to pick me up and bring me home so we can take a sick Roy The Cat to the vet (again): today
More about the weekend: later


Posted by laurie at November 21, 2005 9:21 AM