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October 19, 2005

And none of the Flintstone-Rubbles were in the DAR.

Me: Hi Dad!

Dad: Hi there! Where are you?

Me: I'm on my cellphone, waiting for the bus.

Dad: Well, don't talk to strangers. So. Have you ever met anyone named Wilma? A real person named Wilma?

Me: No...?

Dad: The only person named Wilma is that Flintstones woman. Or was she the other one?

This is where my mom, who is in the other room but can hear half my dad's conversation, starts hollering in the background about the annotated family tree of the Flintstones and Rubbles, and where I also do THE EXACT SAME THING.

Me: The other one is Betty, wife of Barney, of the family Rubble!

My mom (hollering in backgound): Betty! The other woman was Betty Rubble! Her husband is Barney Rubble! The Rubble Family!!

Me: (getting louder) OH YEAH well, Wilma Flintstone is wife of Fred Flintstone and they had one daughter, Pebbles Flintstone!

Dad: Pebbles, huh? (I believe he said this to flame the competitive fire among the womenfolk, who now think they are on Jeopardy, and Dad is apparently Alex Trebek, and if we just yell the answers LOUDER at the teevee/dad, we will WIN WIN WIN.)

My mom (in background): PEBBLES! That's the daughter! And the son of Barney and Betty is...
Me: Bam Bam!!
Mom: Bam Bam!!

My Dad: Ya'll are crazy.

Me: Yeah well I can beat all ya'll! The dog's name was DINO!!


Me: Dad, how is it that I know the entire geneology of the Flintstones and their neighbors but I do not remember what I had for breakfast this morning?

Dad: It's a cruel trick of age.

My mom (in background): And they had a dog!!! Dino!!

So, ya'll know, just keep my parents in mind this weekend when Wilma Flintstone is visiting their house. The mother and father of The Family Crazy live right on the water, just north of Tampa.

And I really never have met anyone in real life named Wilma, so I wonder if the fine folks at the Department Of Naming Hurricanes were just perpetrating a little tomfoolery at the bottom of the list?

"Hey, George, we'll never make it all the way down to the W name, so let's go buckwild crazy on this one!"

"Sure, Bob, let's name it ... WootWoot! Or Waterloo! Or Willy Wonka!"

"How about Wilma? Like that hot chick on the Flintstones!"

"That was Betty!"

"No, it was Wilma! Wilma Flintstone! Wife of Fred, mother of Pebbles..."

Posted by laurie at October 19, 2005 10:52 AM