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October 27, 2005

List of completely unrelated items.

Quitting coffee has been harder than quitting smoking. Sometimes I slip. Like today. I'm tired. Needed the coffee. NEED. COFFEE. And I really have nothing to say. Hi!

Just lists.

One (I): This morning on the bus I looked out the window and wondered about all the things I could have done differently to save my marriage. Do you think some things just are not meant to be saved? And why is it that these things sneak up on me at the weirdest times? Tiny cracks in the facade of my new life. The new life is good, but the old one peeks through a lot.

Two (II): Annie left today to return to the east coast, and I am sorry to say that the sun barely came out during her entire stay. This was not the Sunny California she may have been expecting -- the weather has been cool and foggy. Leads to introspection and wine drinking. (Well, what doesn't? Really?)

Last night she presented me with the best hostess gifts ever, one of which is this amazing handheld steamer:


Annie travels with her steamer, and now I know why. At the party on Saturday night she gave us a demonstration of the AMAZING and SPECTACULAR effect steaming can have both on knitted garments and my dirty oven. This steamer will provide me with hours of amusement, enjoyment, and OCD pleasure. Plus, all my many hats and scarves will be blocked to perfection! Thanks, Annie!

Three (III): Jennifer and I are going to take a trip. We've fantasized about going to Moscow over Christmas, but Moscow is expensive and neither of us have the money, or anyone to babysit our Army of Cats over the holidays, and I can't get off work during that time, and Chechens are blowing stuff up, and did I mention we're poor?

So we're going to save our pennies and dimes and go somewhere more affordable next spring. I'm both excited and nervous. The only traveling I've done has been with Mr. X -- we loved to travel together and did exceedingly well. I saw so much of the world, and when we split up I was just as sad about the loss of my travel companion as I was about the failure of my marriage. For all our faults and flaws, we had some great trips.

I was scared that upon divorcing my life would become very small, and I wouldn't see the world the way I used to. The truth is -- I won't see the world the way I used to! I think Jennifer will help me see the world in a new way, with new eyes, and she has an adventurous soul and palate ... which means we can eat something other than pizza on the trip. Amen and dig in.

I'll be with my best friend in some great city, and we can shop and eat and drink and flirt with cute guys and try on shoes and go to yarn shops and I won't feel bad about buying anything I want. Shoes and yarn and chocolate. She and I will laugh and take pictures of everything and I can be the crazy tourist again. The best part is that it's an exciting thing to look forward to and a great reason to save money and I'm sure all ya'll will have to hear about this trip ad nauseum once we pick a location, so I'll stop now.

Four (IV): Consider this your fair warning: The Fuzzy Feetalong is about to begin! The lovely Anmiryam of Gromit Knits generously offered to host the knit-along blog because I am not so much good at organizing things. Details and link coming tomorrow!

Five (V): Question from Mavis: Did you see any legwarmers at Bloomies?
Well, now that I think about it, I did not! But they were probably in the hoisery section, and I didn't make it there on account of the people in smocks trying to arrest me over in the scarf aisle. Whoops.

Six (VI): Question from Maggie B.: Remember when you were pretending to non-knitters that blocks were really complex to knit?
Ha! You think I stopped that charade? As if! When I showed my coworkers the Ugg Booties, I milked that for all it was worth. About threw myself a tickertape parade. You'd think I was campaigning for office or something.

Seven (VII): Both Nancy France and Alisha asked how I get the kitties to participate in the serious photojournalism that goes on around Chez Cat Hair. The answer is simple: I threaten them. I like to recite recipes that would be so yummy, like Big Bob Pie, and Frankie a'la mode, and Sobalasagnia, and Roy Burgers. Works like a charm!


(Funny how I have nothing to say and I managed to say it in 20,000 words or less...)

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