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October 28, 2005

Fuzzy Feetalong ... film footage at eleven!

Breaking news! This just in from the Associated Press! Knitters may single-handedly solve the energy crisis of 2005-2006!

The Department Of Fossil Fuels And Stuff has just gotten word that a renegade band of knitters will be making fuzzy feet, bringing demand for winter heating fuel to an all-time low and toppling the oil industry! Tens of tens of knitters will rule the world! AND have fuzzy feet!

Just think -- you, too, can be a part of the solution.

Anmiryan of Gromit Knits has built a website for the fuzzyfeetalong and you can find it right here:


Honestly, I have no idea what you do in a knitalong. I am bad at team sports ... if I hit one of ya'll in the eye with a dpn, the phrase "I told you so" should come to mind. Also, I apologize in advance for probably mooning someone when I need to score a touchdown on heel flaps. But I am very excited to have some felted fuzzy slippers for my mom for Christmas!

My mom, on the other hand, is probably not swooning with happiness because I spent the greater part of my formative years making my parents "artsy" stuff like:

• Age 3-5: macaroni-encrusted pencil holders, macaroni collages, macaroni anything (It was the '70s, folks.)
• Age 6-7: lumpy ashtrays (for my family of nonsmokers)
• Age 8: one nature collage made of poison ivy, poison oak and sumac. Boy was that one a hit. Especially when I was lying in a calamine lotion bath all summer.
• Age 9-13: random stuff made at 4-H camp, a.k.a. "the lanyard years"
• Age 13-17: paintings of teenage angst
• Age 18-present: Things I refer to as "kitschy" to mask their awfulness

So anyway, I'm sure she is just waiting with baited breath for my newest creation which she IS OBLIGATED TO WEAR everytime she sees me until they mysteriously get eaten by giant Florida moths or swept away by a freak HMC* vortex.

[ *HMC = Homemade Crap ]

Don't be scared by the sock-like qualities of fuzzy feet. Theresa, the creator of the pattern has generously offered to answer questions when we have them and besides.... You felt this project! Felting hides all sins. Love the felting. And if that isn't enough to lure you... how 'bout a shiny button?


Posted by laurie at October 28, 2005 9:54 AM