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October 15, 2005

Dear Noro, I Love You.

Today I'm going to tell ya'll all about a trip I took to the Stitch Cafe and where I met my true love, Noro Transitions, and this trip happened... exactly one week ago. I'm writing about events that happened last weekend because this weekend I'm trapped at home, cleaning like a madwoman. I'm going to have a Very Famous Visitor next week, and I want everything to be as sparkly clean and cat-hair free as possible.

Of course, if we're REALLY being honest here, the deep cleaning of Chez Cat Hair is a dire necessity. In the past two months of frantic working and late nights and long hours on Big Scary Project, my house has reverted back to its natural wild state and there are no clean forks. This is sad because I have no dishwasher. I really, really want a dishwasher. Named... Sergei. Who wears red bikini pants and brings me cocktails and does my dishes and speaks to me only in Russian.

So, where were we? Oh. Yes! Last weekend! When I actually did some fun things and totally ignored housework for yet another day. Gwen and I went to the Stitch Cafe and that is where I found MY TRUE LOVE WHO I WANT TO KISS AND HUG ALL DAY AND NIGHT, Noro Transitions:


This yarn is so beautiful, you want to make sweet love to it and call it kissy names. It's self-striping, but in that soft Noro way, and it not only changes color... it changes FIBER. From wool to camel to alpaca to angora, and I think there's some silk in there or maybe cashmere, I do not know, I only know I have once again been sucked in by the lure of Noro. After my nine-foot-long kureyon scarf (click to see it), I took a Noro breather. But now I want Eisaku Noro to adopt me. Please?

I did not intend to buy a hank of $25 yarn (!!!) from Stitch Cafe. I intended only to go there with Gwen and see the beanie from the cabled beanie pattern we got in our Stitch Cafe newsletters.


We've both come down with a burning case of Cable Fever and want to Cable All The Time, so we're making the exact same beanie out of the exact same yarn. People will probably mistake us for twins. That's what I kept telling her, anyway. Repeatedly. Because I am five.

She endured me with a smile:


The folks at Stitch Cafe were very nice and super helpful. I've only been there once or twice before, and I think this was the first time it wasn't crazy crowded, so we got to browse and smell the yarn and linger.


When I got home (this was still last weekend, mind you, when I should have been pre-cleaning the house) I couldn't put down the Noro. At $25 (!!!) a hank, I could only afford one -- enough for a scarf. Ellen recently showed us a modified seed stitch at Stitch 'n Bitch, where you knit two, purl two for two rows and then switch it up so it's like regular moss stitch, only bigger. This was perhaps divine intervention on behalf of the Stitch Gods, and the Ellen was a good teacher, and the stitch was good, and I used it for the Noro.

So I knit. And knit. And by Sunday morning I was done! Scarf! Noro! Oh so pretty. But it was a little scrunched up, since I am a crazy tight knitter. I have no idea why I knit this way. It's like I am grasping the yarn with a death grip or something. The scarf needed blocking to open up the pattern a little.

But, ah ... I haven't actually blocked anything besides the kitty pi. I intend to block a lot of things, but I never do. Also, I thought blocking might be a myth, a rumor, just a thing people say they do but don't really do ... ya'll know how I can be.

But for the Noro, I would do anything. With about 30 gazillion pins and a large sheet spread over the guest bed, I began the blocking process. And I had SO MUCH HELP.


[click for big Bob]

Blocking is NO JOKE, ya'll. It works like magic! I stretched the scarf out to its maximum possible width and length, pinned like crazy, sprayed with warm water and let dry overnight. I think it gave this piece a more professional finish, and it's the first thing I've made that looks like it came from Bloomies. The yarn is the superstar, of course. This is officially the first thing I have made just for me. I love it sooo much. I want to wear it, flaunt it. Perhaps when the weather isn't ONE HUNDRED FREAKING DEGREES, I will. Until then, I photograph it:


Fast forward to today, Saturday, and what I REALLY want to do is go back to Stitch Cafe and do whatever it takes -- sell the cats on eBay, sell plasma, beg, whatever -- and buy ALL THE NORO and come home and knit and hermitize and drink wine.


Instead I'm going to do dishes. And vaccuum. And dream that when Eisaku Noro adopts me there is a houseboy named Sergei who will become my personal man-slave and I can knit him little Noro outfits for our mutual pleasure.


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