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October 12, 2005

Big bootie girl: an update

Yes, as you may have noticed I finished the Ugg baby booties. There are three -- two pretty cute booties and one flat, unattractive bootie. This is the first time in my life that I have ever had a flat bootie. Usually I got waaaaaay too much going on in the bootie department.

(Oh! Thanks ya'll for the suggestions on what to do with my misshapen bootie ... I may indeed stuff that sucker with catnip and let the fashionable felines here at Chez Spinster have at it. Perfect idea! What California kitty can be without an Ugg catnip toy? Especially VALLEY Cats!)

So, after spending hours on what was supposed to be a "quick and easy" project, I now... want to keep these little Uggs. Maybe I just have an Ugg addiction. Or maybe it's true that I don't even LIKE the coworker who's knocked up, I just wanted to make this little knitted cuteness, OK? THERE. I ADMITTED IT. Anyway.

Moving on.

... or not.

You see, it's not that I want to keep them for myself, per se, more that I want them to be adored for their true CUTENESS and also HILARITY and also KNITTERLY MAD SKILLZ. Maybe I should save them for a knitter friend who gets in a family way, since I don't think a non-knitter could appreciate the amount of cussing that went into these. Peggy is engaged and soon-to-be-married, and Gwen is all serious with her boyfriend... so maybe I should pit them together in a race to become knocked up. The prize: These amazing Ugg booties!! Oh, yeah, and a baby. Of your own making.

Really Exciting Diatribe On Making These Uggs:
After my initial knit pas, I copied the pattern into a word doc and re-wrote the whole thing for my limited abilities here at La Knitterie Dumbasserie. I used Annie's tip to count the stitches and put the number at the end of each row (all that increasing and decreasing makes for tricky counting, but whatever. I had reached The Obsessed Place. Some of you may know it?)

And I discovered during bootie #1 that when doing this shaping stuff, it's easier for me to have each row written out (line by line) so I can check them off when completed. I do most of my knitting on the bus and there's no way I can remember at 6 p.m. where I left off that morning at 6 a.m. Hours have passed. Brain cells have fallen asleep. Grumpiness is all around. I need checkmarks, people. (I do have a row counter but we tend to make screeching stops on the bus, and the row counter has gone flying more than once...)

Primary knitting of all booties was completed on the bus, during traffic. Later, I sewed everything up with a glass of wine and some CSI Miami on Tivo. (I want to BE Calleigh Duquesne, by the way. When Jennifer cautioned me about my cat-lady-with-a-gun idea, I immediately said, "But Jennifer! Calliegh Duquesne loves guns!") (I maybe have a wee problem with watching too much TV.)

And, because this is the internets, the original home of the free bootie, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure ... warning: THESE ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN. Just babies. Heh.

Before Photo: Flat bootie!!

During Photo: Bootie trouble!!
soba messed with my bootie

After Photo: Round fine-lookin' bootie beauty!!

Tania somehow managed to re-write the pattern to knit in the round, but I'm not a crazy mad knitting superstar like she is, so I did it the straight-seam way.

After all my complaining about this tricky pattern lingo, I have to say, it's BRILLIANT how the designer calculated a way to make a whole toe area out of increases and decreases! How do they do that? How do knits and purls make a whole bootie? It's magic! Gnomes!

And I definitely like the part where you knit across seven stitches, and then purl back on the same stitches, all the while decreasing and shaping, that part was so cool. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to slip stitches knitwise or purlwise (the pattern didn't say) (OF COURSE) so I just did them all purlwise.

I love the way these came out, so cute! So Ugg-like! Maybe I'll knit another bootie the wrong way, so I have a pair of flat ones and I can send those off to knocked-up coworker. Then I can send Cute Uggs to someone who would truly appreciate them. Is that mean? Evil?

So, in conclusion, bootie is in the eye of the beholder. Bootie is only skein deep. Yes, I have lost my DAMN MIND. Blame it on... Bootie and the beast?


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