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September 1, 2005

Ain't no funny here.


Ya'll know it's a bad sign when you're stopping in to get gas and the price is rising before your very eyes. In the ten minutes I was at this filling station, gas went up thirty cents.

But whatever! I take the bus, I'm dry and got plenty of food and wine, and I hugged my cats all night (even though Bob is at that age where he's embarrassed of his mom) (ya'll know).

Listen, I've tried to keep it funny and light for the past few days, slipping in a little reference here and there to the news, but I'm all out of funny. I've got desperate frustration in my bones. All the hours at my job seem pointless, i.e. "I'm making another logo for blah blah blah ... WHO CARES and WHY AM I HERE?"


It was like this after 9/11, too, I wanted to quit my job and run off and join the Red Cross or volunteer for FEMA or the humane society. (By the way, my laundry has nothing to do with disasters, unless you consider all of it being DIRTY and possibly SMELLY a disaster) (which I do not) but anyway, all I can think of is how I want to wear khaki and save people! It's a restless, awful feeling like this is my country, dammit and I need to help out my people. Add that to my whole Southern thing, and right now I am a terrible mess. Terrible.

I don't know where Pete is, I know he stayed and weathered out the storm in his New Orleans home, south of the river. Stephanie is unsure if her house is gone, if her job is gone, but she's safe in Dallas with her family and she and her daughter are OK... but what? No job? No livelihood? No house? No ... anything? For months? How does one cope with nothingness for weeks and months? And where the hell is Peter?

I have called my parents every night, essentially the same phone call: Ya'll PROMISE ME you will evacuate next time one of these things comes, PROMISE ME. They know I will pack up these four cats and drive down to Florida and drag them out myself. The sheer humiliation of having their crazy, divorced, hung-over-and-covered-in-cat-hair daughter drag them out of the state may be enough to keep them on their toes, but I find it effective to threaten them all the same.

My whole childhood is wrapped up in that part of the country, I spent my 19th birthday in Biloxi with my folks, and now the hotel we stayed at is a pile of bricks. Not a stick standing. By the way, you newscasters: IT IS PRONOUNCED buh-LUCKS-see. Not 'buh-LOCK-see.' I'm just sayin' is all.

So! Anyway! Enough of the pronounciation lesson. I know it's tough times everywhere, what with gas reaching forty dollars a gallon and all, but if you can give just five dollars, and if 100 people give that five dollars ... well, I may not know math, but we're on our way to helping out a family, or a knitter who lost her house, a grandma who lost everything, or a kitten with no mom or dad, or a puppy all alone and shivering with no Alpo and no place to sleep.

Just five dollars.

It may not buy you a gallon of gas, but it could buy something else for folks who got nothing left.

American Red Cross
I may run off and join these folks any day now, so be sure to give a dollar if you can.

North Shore Animal League of America
Read here about their mission to rescue dogs and cats from flooded shelters in Alabama. Donate money here.

Network for Good
A wide variety of links to all different charities, from Petsmart's charity to the United Way, to the Mennonite Disaster Services. Pets and the Amish, all in one place! All kinds of things there you can donate five dollars to!

Please donate!

Please donate!

Please donate!

Please donate!

Please donate!

Please donate!

Posted by laurie at September 1, 2005 9:49 AM