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August 18, 2005

This guy and this sheep walk into a bar...

June 2004. My trip to the Ice Land.
I went with you-know-who.
He was not so impressed with the sheep.


For whatever reason, I am completely obsessed with moving to Iceland right now. Is it the scorching valley summer? The lure of cool Reykjavik nights? Is it the idea of The World's Strongest Man bench-pressing an American? Is it the long life-span, good living and steamy volcanic swimming holes?

Or ... is it the ICELANDIC WOOL?

We may never know.

Because ya'll, I am so not able to afford a vacation. I can't even squeeze in a trip to Van Nuys at this point. But I'm not complaining (too much) because I am thisclose to paying off The Lawyer. Notice how I left out colorful and descriptive words re: The Lawyer? I'll leave that to your imagination! (Have fun! use lots of cussing!)

Paid-off Lawyer bills -- just another one of the exciting landmarks here at Chez Spinster. When I finally get out of all my debt, sometime in the year 2654, I plan to eat an entire pie in celebration.

Lemon icebox pie.

(And who said I can't plan ahead? That is PLANNING ya'll. Down to the crust ... which will be graham cracker, in case you were wondering.)

Oh, speaking of knitting!

That Mystery Knitted Cat Thingamajig? From back in the heyday of my Knitting Experimentation For Felines days? I still have it. It still isn't finished. BUT I may be able to power through it this month if I GET FIRED, which could happen because I have finally reached the stage of Frantically Busy where you're so stressed, fried and behind on projects that you ....

... procrastinate.

Because you? Who should be working feverishly to complete a product demo and get approvals and make stuff work? You ... decide to research fried green tomato recipes online.

I mean, I would never do that. But YOU might. Ahem.

Or you? the one who has a looming deadline for a project that everyone including the guy who owns the whole corporation will see? You ... organize your inbox. File things. You do this EVEN THOUGH you had never filed anything before and had to ask an assistant for FILE FOLDERS because you don't even know WHERE THE OFFICE SUPPLIES WERE.

And then you of the many deadlines MAY HAVE continued to stand inside the place where they keep the office supplies, opening cabinet drawers and staring at the contents like you do with your own refrigerator. Just... waiting to see if something jumps out at you.

You are such a bad employee. Unlike me! Who...

Really, really wants to know if they have a need for southern fried green tomatoes in Iceland.

Posted by laurie at August 18, 2005 9:21 AM