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August 11, 2005

The portable hermit.

Ah, the little things.

Today is... Thursday, August 11th. Pretend we're taking a leisurely stroll together, you and I, through Memory Lane. What's that? You smell smoke? Yes, those were the days, back when I was a smoker. Now let's you and I travel back to July 30, when Karman had her birthday party at my house... because now that I finally found my camera cord, I can actually post some images. Love you, Memory Lane!

(Also, cold turkey? So good! I have a cold turkey sandwich each day for lunch. Also... I am not a smoker. Being a nonsmoker is going really well! Although people at work may be stringing yellow tape around my cubicle and calling it 'scene of the crime' soon. But no smoking! Love you, Peter Jennings!)

[ click any pic for big ]

Alex, so pretty and poised; Jen and Penny so cute! David relaxes on the patio.

The burgers were well-done because I was, you know, busy with the wine; Jen made a beautiful and tasty Martha Stewart mac 'n cheese!

Jennifer smiles; my favorite picture ever of Jen and Penny; the self-portrait queen.

The birthday girl gets captioned; and captioned yet again; David has all the dranks.

Shannon upside down smiles; Shan right-side up smiles; a little perfect party.

So that concludes our stroll down memory lane, wherein a good time was had by all and Karman turned 26 again. In fact, we all reminisced about our own first and second (and third) 26 birthdays, it was very nostalgic. Except Penny, who has yet to have her first 26th birthday, and she looked at us like we were a bit touched. Young 'uns. Ya'll know.


That party was in fact the LAST party I will host or attend for... six weeks! On Tuesday I sort of spantaneously combusted (only, me! no smoking!) and decided that for the next few weeks, until October 1st, I would summarily clear the books of all social engagements, invitations, obligations and ALL OF IT.

This project? The one ending soon? Yes. Well, it's uh, it's gone over pretty well with the chiefs here at Corporate Job, Inc. They liked it... and .. uh. They extended it. Four more of these things launching between now and the end of September! Excitement! Hilarity! No smoking!

And ya'll know. I was thisclose to packing the cats in the Jeep and moving to Montana for a cabin-in-the-woods/manifesto sort of thing. Then the hermit thing appeared to me like a cold beer on a hot day. My friends have been really supportive of my temporary hermitdom, too, and they all reassured me that if I had a spur-of-the-moment whim at any time to socialize, they were available, which makes it so much better. Because I may calm the fuck down in a week or two and be lonely, but being all high-horse and principaled and stuff, you can't just un-hermit after making such a big to-do of it all.

The stress level is decreasing as the hermit bubble sinks in. Although the manifesto may still be forthcoming. Sheez ... everyone needs a manifesto.

Other completely unrelated news


I'm not sure what it says to be thirty FOUR years old and to have had your entire savings up to this very day hidden in a Parkay tub in your fridge, but whatever. My retirement fund still consists of two Louis Vuitton Murikami bags, a vintage Chloe blouse that no longer fits and several boxes of Patons Up County. BUT. I have a savings account! With $32.50 in it!

It's the little things that count. Like cold turkeys and memory lanes. Love ya'll! Don't come over!

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