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August 23, 2005

My Civic Duty

Not only does the first stage of my Big Work project launch on ... oh. Let's see. THURSDAY.... but guess what I am doing today? The same thing I did yesterday!

Jury duty.

They haven't got to the part where they ask me questions yet. You have to state your Juror ID number (it's a criminal case), the vague area where you live (again, CRIMINALS) and then your marital status. I'm looking forward to saying the word "divorcee" out loud, and dripping southern.

Then maybe I'll talk into my bra and this whole thing will be over real quicklike. Unless they throw me in the pokey first for ...

... drumroll please...


Yes, I broke the law! I evaded the po-po! Yesterday I brought knitting into the courthouse, where the sign on the security machine specifically named knitting needles as banned, dangerous items of the devil. Not only did I knit through a whole skein on the Mystery Knitted Cat Ugliness, I also completed about 10 rows on a hat. Proving once again you cannot take me anywhere. Breakin' the law! (Again.)

But in my defense your honor, I was talking into my bra and missed that sign. Whoops! Did I mention that I am a dee-vorce-say?

Posted by laurie at August 23, 2005 9:04 AM