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July 10, 2005

Insomnia breeds: Hurricanes, Estate Sales, Mailbag and sassy messages.

My poor parents. Not only do they have to deal with a Category 4 hurricane just a few weeks into the season, they also have to deal with a child who cannot sleep and who has them programmed on speed dial.

6:48 a.m. EST
My Dad: Hello?
Me: Hi Dad! On MSNBC it looks like ya'll are getting hammered by rain and stuff so I figured you'd be awake! Hi! So, how are you?
Dad: We're fine. I'm a little worried about you, though. Do you ever sleep?
Me: No! Nope! Hi!

So, I bet that right about now my parents are wishing they hadn't given me such a hard time about sleeping 'til noon when I was in high school. And right about now they're probably thinking, "Good Lord, please give us back the lazy, sleep-her-life-away child we thought you had blessed us with and take back this insomniac with speed-dial!"

Anyway. Hi! Hey ya'll! Stay away from the hurricane!

Yesterday was a good day. Ellen called me around 11 a.m. and invited me to meet her at an estate sale in North Hollywood. My normal reaction to all spur-of-the-moment invitations is Decline! Decline! Decline! because ya'll know I am a big hermit. But I took a shower, got dressed, and drove out there anyway because I love Ellen and I have never been to an estate sale, and I need to leave my house now and then.


I arrived before Ellen and her husband, Larry, and as I wandered through the house, I landed in the office with all the books. Thumbing through a thick-paged decorating book, I started thinking what a cool lady must have lived here, with these amazing design books and huge photos of China, and big thick dusty photo albums, and how she was now dead, and strangers were in her house, rummaging through her things, her beloved things.

You know where this is going.

Before long I was CRYING. I am not lying. Ya'll cannot take me ANYWHERE. And by the time Ellen got there and found me, I pretty much had the book room to myself since nobody wanted to be around the sniffly CRAZY lady who kept saying, "It's so sad! She was probably a cool lady! And she's gone and strangers are taking her things!"

Right. So! Me and estate sales. Maybe not a perfect match. But (after the inappropriate crying stopped, thankyouverymuch) it was so interesting to see someone's collection, their life laid out in objects and clothes and jewelry. I kept picking up little things, like a half-empty snowglobe crusted in dust, and saying "She probably loved this! I should take it home and love it, too!"

Ya'll. I am not right.

Pics from the sale, click for big:

After we had browsed for several hours in the Valley heat, Ellen offered to treat Larry and me to lunch at a little Middle Eastern restaurant in Sherman Oaks called "Carnivale" and wow, the food was AMAZING. Larry ordered a chicken shawarma sandwich, and ellen and I split a combination plate with hummus, tabouleh, falafel and baba-ganouj (none of which I probably spelled or pronounced right, but hotdamn could I eat it like no tomorrow!)

Food. YUM. Click for big:

After lunch, I went out to Studio City to check my mail and guess what! Mail! Goodies! I think I'm going to have to scrap my idea of making T-shirts because it's holding up the whole Laurie-sends-mail show. See, I had this bright idea to make T-shirts, and I made this funny design, but they don't make transfer paper for laser printers and my inkjet is not hooked up because it went to Mr. X's old computer so I don't know if I have a CD, etc., etc., ya'll see where this is going. So you know the T-shirts you never knew you wanted anyway? Yeah, those may not be coming. Yet. Heh.

Mail! Knitbloggers rule! Thank ya'll for the birthday goodness, and look for a T-shirt-Free package in the mail soon. Lord help me to get off work early enough to make it to the post office just once this whole week, amen. Also, sorry about all the cussing last week, amen. Oh, and while we're at it, stop with the hurricanes, OK? Amen.

Anyway! Hi! Mail! Click for big!

Jenn, a.k.a. knitwit momma, sent me a hat book! Ya'll know how I am with my hat obsession, and Jenn, thank you so much! Plus the cutest knitting notecards, I love them! And Susan, thank you for the kind words, and when you come visit LA, we'll have that wine and Mexican food and smoke!


Vanessa! Your lovely handwritten note was the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous gemstone necklace, and you don't mind if I wear it as a bracelet, do you? I think I am stuck in 1989, because nothibng makes me feel more glam than wearing a beautiful necklace wrapped around my wrist. I think I want to be Zsa Zsa gabor. Thank you, Ms. Nessacery! My cats loved the gift bag Peter sent so much that they carried it around for hours, hiding it and attacking it when the bag wasn't looking. He sent me a lovely book, "The Art Of Imperfection," and if that isn't me, I don't know what is. Thanks, Peter. Stay away from the hurricane! Ada's mom, Jillz sent me the coolest necklace, the picture of it close-up didn't come out right, but it's a little sweet heart necklace, all girly and pure, and in small type these words are printed across its sweetness, "He's a dick." I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! Oh, Jilly, thank you! I promise the dorky-funny gift I found Ada will be sent soon, because you never even wanted a dumb T-shirt from me, and why I have been so hung up on this T-shirt idea is beyond me. Ya'll know. Jilly, thank you!!


Inky makes jewelry! I mean, yes I knew this from her blog, but I had no idea she had her own business, and ya'll, these earrings are the kind you buy at Bloomies for a gajillion dollars, they are lovely! Go check out her jewelry site at iadorne.com and see for yourself. Inky, thank you so much. The candle, the spa cloth, the fancy soap, I feel like I don't deserve all this, thank you. You and Mr. Inky give me hope.

Cheryl and I have something very important in common, and I will not tell you what that is, privacy laws and all, heh, except to say, Hi! Cheryl! Let's adopt each other! And she made me a kitty! I once thought I could make a whole cat off the fur I vaccuumed off my sofa, but she actually made a kitty statue that is a tribute to Sobakowa. Now don't ya'll agree that Soba needs her own statue? She certainly thought so:

Then, Soba made the grave error of going off to investigate what may or may not have been a life-threatening piece of fuzz on the sofa, and Frankie moved in for the statue kitty, and decided it was actually HERS, a monument to The Franklin Delano Rosencat, and she sat there pretty as you please:

Until Soba gave her a BEAT DOWN (not captured on film, as I was trying to keep her from killing the Frank) and then they had a tense stand off for quite some time:

Thank you, Cheryl! You have no idea! Love you! The cats love you!

And then... ah. DREW! I want to thank you for the beautiful, amazing birthday present, I LOVE it! The Crochet Dude is an incredible artist, he has transformed yarn into something funky and new and original, his modern tapestry is the perfect complement to my mid-century obsession! And the brochure pictured below is the glossy tri-fold we worked on together, which Soba approves:


Tapestry longwise:

I love mail. Thank ya'll!

After I had shopped with Ellen and had a big lunch and checked my mail and so on, I figured that while I was out and it being Saturday and all, I should stop by Target or I might go into withdrawls and start shaking. Now, yes, I am on The Budget, but there were some essentials I needed, and I had a list (love you lists!) and I only bought one item off the list, which for me is a minor miracle.

As I was pushing my buggy up and down every aisle, as is my way, I discovered these:


Tampons. With a Sassy message on each one! Because your hoo-hah needs a sassy message? I mean, ya'll. Tampons weren't fun enough? We need them to be sassy and hip and turn into veritable fortune cookies for our nether regions?

I'm just saying is all.

Hope ya'll have a good Sunday, and I hope you folks in the path of the hurricane are safe and sound. I have to go bother my parents again now. I mean, hello! It's time for them to get up! What are they planning to do, sleep their lives away? HEH.

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