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July 6, 2005

Humpday Birthday to you-know-who-dude...

Today is Drew's bithday. Everyone knows him as The Crochet Dude, and he is, but there are some inneresting things you may not know about Drew that do not involve yarn! He's traveled to all sorts of places and met all sorts of folks. In fact, the way he discovered crochet is a whole story in itself!

Back before he was The Dude, he phrased all his answers as questions and won a ton of cash on Jeopardy:


A few years after his Jeopardy win, Drew went went through this very athletic phase where he was trying out new sports. Eventually he created a whole new branch of martial arts, known as Drew-Fu. This was his last big Drew-Fu competition:


As Drew's love of Fu began to wane, he developed a need. A need for speed. He moved to an air base in Miramar, California -- but he was always riding to the DANGER ZONE and then that thing happened with Goose and no one wanted him as wing man. But he met a hot chick there, callsign "Charlie," and she hooked him up with some secret government files, so it worked out OK in the end:


And actually, did ya'll know that Drew learned to crochet on the planet Dude-alon? I know! That's where The "Crochet Dude" was actually thunk up, on planet Dude-alon. He got there all warp-speed style with a few of his friends and they all transported some yarn and crochet hooks back to Houston, which is where he lives, and that's why we now have that phrase, "Houston we have LANDED!" and anyway, they brought back all kinds of yarn he ditched the crew of that Enterprise thingy and became The Crochet Dude!


So, that's just a few things you may not have known about him! Happy Birthday Drew! Hope you still like your ol' Aunt Purl, you know how I am with the photographs! Happy Birthday!

Posted by laurie at July 6, 2005 8:56 AM