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June 7, 2005

Look up "obsessed" in the dictionary. Hi! That's me!

I am crazy. As if you did not already know this.

The hat thing has become not merely a project, not just a new notch on my knitting belt, no. No, ya'll. It has moved beyond quest and right into the realm of the OBSESSED and also, CRAZY.


I think I might be channeling my work stress and also looming-court-date stress into hatmaking. (Could be worse, I could be a glue-sniffing carjacker with visible panty lines. You know.) Work is hard, and also long, and there is so much Work involved these days. I thought this place was just where the free coffee and network connection was located. My mistake! And June 30th? Looming. But let us talk about HATS. Because that is THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF ALL OUR LIVES.

Green ribbed hat.

Just the facts, ma'am: Lion Brand Wool-Ease chunky in green (Willow 173). Size 11 Addi Turbo circs, 16" long. I swatched, because I love to swatch. Makes me feel like I am a real knitter (ha! I really just do it because it's a mini-scarf!) Got my gauge. Made this hat for a 21- to 22-inch head. Cast on 72 stitches.

Let the ribbing begin.

There were some issues along the way with this hat, because have I ever made a hat without a serious need for therapy and wine? No. Yet I persevere. Because I SHALL CONQUER THE HAT. I will be the freakin' Napolean Bonaparte of hats ya'll. So, here are some things I would have done differently in retrospect.

1. I would have used a smaller needle for the ribbing, to make the ribbing a little more snug.

2. I would have made the hat longer by about one inch.

3. I would someohow magically know how to decrease so I don't get those little "points" where the decrease starts. HOW do I do this? HELP ME. Or is this just normal? Or am I being a perfectionistic freak?

4. I would have resisted the urge to cast on two more stitches than The Math (but I wanted to make it a number divisible by 12! I can do 12!) In the future, I will find some way to learn math and divide up numbers that are not multiples of 12. Pass the wine.

Click thumbnails for bigger images.

With the green ribby hat all completed, I needed a new project for the morning bus ride. I picked up the mohair blend and ribbon combo I had planned to scarf up for Laina, and I started my swatch/scarf. But ya'll know. I couldn't resist the urge to see -- just see -- how it looked in stockinette. So pretty! Really, much better than some old garter stitch. And wouldn't this make a pretty (if somewhat shiny) hat? Wouldn't it? You know, a blue hat. A pretty hat. A HAT HAT HAT.

So, um, Laina! Hi! Hope you want another hat! Please email me your head measurement again! Are you in Boston yet? Miss you! Hat!

Click for big. Fuzzy is Lana Grossa "Fumo," ribbon is Plymouth "Electra."

The green hat, certainly more of a success than the Orange Mushroom Hat, and the new blue sparkly hat to come have inspired me in a way that will warm your heart and make you believe in knitting again, because folks, I have found a way to fool myself. I have decided that if I convince myself the Ugly Mystery Knitted Cat Thingamajig is actually ONE BIG HAT (which it is not, but whatever) then I will finish it. This weekend.


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