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June 23, 2005

Hypothetically speaking ...


1. Hi Shannon! Hi Jennifer! Really sorry I made ya'll listen to crazy Mexican love songs for hours and also, really apologize that I sang them in my TWANG and also, maybe, acted them out with jazz hands and air guitar on my patio! Whoops!

2. Hi! Me again! With the whole apology thing? Can we just extend that to the entire evening? Thanks for surprising me and coming over and not letting me stew in my own pity! Love ya'll!

3. To anyone I may have emailed last night and misspelled things because I had to type with one eye shut? Real sorry! Love you! Will make it up to you!

4. Hey cats! Remember when I tried to make ya'll sign a document with your paw print declaring you would never leave me? Yeah! I was just joking, really! I mean, PLEASE. Everyone knows we'd need a notary public present.

5. Also, God, thank you for inventing pizza! And Tylenol! And coffee!


P.S. Hypothetically speaking, if you maybe possibly picked up the phone after some crying and drinking and maudlin craziness on your birthday, and maybe possibly drunk dialed a certain someone, IN THE VERY WORST SENSE OF THE PHRASE, would you:

A. Pretend it never happened.

B. Chalk it up to the end of a bad day, a bad year, and decide maybe you ought to start walking in the evenings instead of drinking.

C. Convince yourself that perhaps this moment, a true low of lows, was a catharsis in which you closed the door on a bad chapter and yes, made a fool of yourself, but occassionally foolishness happens.

D. Say to yourself, THANK GOD I got that out of the way! It was bound to happen! Now I can cross that one off the list!

E. Blame it on Karl Rove.

Just hypothetically speaking, OF COURSE.

Posted by laurie at June 23, 2005 9:53 AM