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April 4, 2005

Clapotis? Do you need penicillin for that?

If you spend five minutes in the internet underworld of knitting blogs, you will discover that all the cool kids have knitted/are knitting/plan to knit something called clapotis.

Isn't that some kind of social disease? Or wait -- are they doing some kind of charity knitting for women with clapotis? And isn't clapotis curable with some good antibiotics? Because I thought it was? But if it's not, is there some sign-up board somewhere where people with a nasty case of clapotis go to ask for some knitted goods? Because that's just weird.

Then I cracked myself up with an imaginary conversation in an imaginary elevator with an imaginary knitting friend.

Me: Hi, Jane, nice to see you.
Jane: Hi.
Me: Oh! So, how's your clapotis?

(commence laughter)

And then, in a bright-bulb moment, I thought, uh, maybe I should Google "clapotis" and see what it is, and, like, how to cure and/or knit it.

So this is a clapotis. It's basically a fancy French shawl. But .... COME ON. Who would name some knitting thing after a social disease? Or even similar to it? That would be like naming your daughter Syphilina or naming your son Herpeen. Please. Clapotis. Eeeeew.

And... next time you see me, make sure to ask me how my clapotis is!

Posted by laurie at April 4, 2005 8:57 AM