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March 31, 2005

What was I thinking?

My mom came to read this site which is cool, but now I have to cut waaaaaaay the fuck down on the cuss words. Whooops.

A few nights ago I was thinking how much I want to make another hat. Because out here in Los Angeles, you always need a hat, like if you're Johnnie Cochran (rest in peace, brother) and you need to illustrate to the jury why OJ didn't do it, you need a knitted hat. That is what freed OJ, and you know it. Or, if you're going to go rob somebody or do some carjacking and evade the po-po, or if you plan to join the Crips, or the Eighteenth Street Playboy Homies, you need a hand-knitted hat. Only maybe without a pom pom on top.

So, I have this back issue of Interweave Knits with a cool fisherman's hat pattern and I pulled some of that grey Patons I like so much from my stash and I was all set, with some help from Frankin Delano Rosencat on the bamboo circs:

Frankie likes circular needles, too.

But ... uh, Beavis ..... this pattern calls for some yarn about half the thickness of my Patons bulky. And it calls for US size 6 needles for the little tiny yarn. My Patons lopi wool stuff knits up best on size 11 needles, and did I mention this hat starts out with the double-pointed needles instead of the circular needles? How does that work?


But I was having a beer, and all set up with my supplies, and thinking, "I can modify the pattern!" (Author's note: This is where I get into trouble every time. "I can modify the pattern!" either means "I am making a scarf that may or may not become nine feet long," or "I am already sitting here and drinking and if I have to get up for different size needles, that will ruin the feng shui.")

I started casting on with this giant size 11 dpns -- and this pattern calls for a 4-needle cast on -- and I got about this far:


And I said to myself, ARE YOU CRAZY? And, being crazy, I answered myself back with "THIS SUCKS! NEED MORE BEER!"

So, anyway, my mohair scarf is coming along real nicely. And I put the dpns back in their little drawer, and pretended like the whole thing never happened.

My pain-in-the-butt mohair scarf, as seen basking in the 19th floor light of my office window.

Posted by laurie at March 31, 2005 7:09 AM