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March 14, 2005

Scarf it up: Nine feet of Noro scarfdom!

I love long scarves. I think they are a formidable thing to behold. However, I have been working on the Noro Kureyon scarf for what feels like ten years. People have asked me, as you ask a slow child, "You're still working on that scarf, dear?" Then I begin pulling the scarf out of my bag one foot at a time. As I show it to the naysayer, the questioner of my abilities, they see with their own eyes that I have gone STARK RAVING MAD and have, at last count, a scarf which measures 8.75 feet long.

And I say, "Yes! I am still working on the worlds largest scarf! I must Kureyon!"

It's taken time, to be sure. Creating a monster scarf is no quick romp in the garter stitch. The pattern ups the time due in part to the you-must-concentrate factor (I am a novice, remember, obsessed as I may be I still lose count). Plus, there's something I haven't told you yet. THIS YARN IS WACKY. It's so thick in some places it doesn't even look properly spun, like it's right off the sheep's back. The twigs and hay really add to the raw wool vibe. In other places, the fiber is so thinly spun, it's practically fragile, like thread.

This is one long L-O-N-G scarf.....



I only have a tee tiny bit more yarn to knit up, so it will end tonight. Then the monster blocking begins. I have NO IDEA how to block something this massive and long. We're talking a possible 9-foot blocking space. In my house. With four cats. Four really helpful cats.



Posted by laurie at March 14, 2005 5:17 PM