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March 1, 2005

No Poncho Villa for me

Swatched my Noro Big Kureyon. I'm not ready to take on a sweater yet and frankly, between just you and me, I think a sweater in this stuff is a little too Pancho Villa for my taste. The self-striping colors and the nubby fiber remind me of those horrid Mexican anoraks we all wore in school during the grunge period. There are pictures of me somewhere with my big Southern hair and my weird faux-grunge attire and that is all I have to say on the subject.

I didn't want to make just garter stitch out of this, stockinette is so pretty and flat and shows off the nubbiness. Of course, stockinette rolls, so that's out.

Then, coincidentally, I stopped in to a local yarn shop to poke around in the stash (stated purpose: picking up some size 13 dpns for my hat project, since I am a crazy tight knitter and the size 11s gave me too many stitches per inch) and I saw a fancy schmancy basket weave scarf (checkerboard?) done in knit 5, purl 5. Went home and swatched it on the Noro Big Kureyon and ding! ding! we have a winner.

I kept knitting directly on my scarf swatch, and now it's a scarf bottom. The corners roll in a tee tiny bit, but I can block-n-tackle that into submission.

Roy gets into swatching the Noro Big Kureyon.

Posted by laurie at March 1, 2005 4:53 PM