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March 29, 2005

Mohair bus knitting

Now that I've finished my hat, I want to knit another hat and another and another. Breaking free of the rectangle was like moving to France to become a circus performer: liberating and full of cabernet. But I promised Jennifer I'd make her a Noro basketweave pattern scarf like my Kureyon monster (only hers won't be a nine foot long scarf because, you know, I'm not crazy) (oh wait, am I?), and so I'm working on her Noro scarf. But then there was this sale, you see, at a local yarn shop and they had all this great yarn marked at 30% off, and how can you afford NOT to buy yarn at that price?

I have a bad habit of buying shit on sale. This applies to all sorts of stuff -- paper plates, T-shirts, lamps, shoes, furniture, anything on the clearance aisle at Target, sunglasses, you get the idea -- but lately it's been all about yarn. So I'll buy two little tee tiny balls of something (it's on sale! I'd be a fool not to buy this!) but I'll have no pattern in mind or any plan for the yarn, and there isn't enough of it to make an actual garment, so whaddayaknow I'm making another scarf.

So, anyway, I'm making a mohair scarf from some yarn I got on sale.

I'm doing some bus knitting! [click for big pic]

It started out as a swatch (like so many of my scarves do) and after about five rows I decided to try a drop-stitch and it looked pretty cool so I kept going. Only can I just tell you knitting with mohair is a lint disaster. Carry a lint brush if you don't want to look like a magenta cat shed all over you. Fur real.

Fuzzy, gorgeous, pain in the butt mohair. [click for big pic]

And how bummed am I that I can't take the 8 a.m. bus pretty much all week? I have meetings lined up all early and I have to get in before the butt crack of dawn to prep and get my caffeine time in. Now that is just sad. Because you know how I love a man that drives a big bus. I do I do I do.

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