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March 22, 2005

Kitty pi complete with cat filling

Can I be completely frank with you?

I have simply the smartest, most superior cats on the planet. This is an unbiased fact, not just merely opinion. For many of the knitters who created a kitty pi, just as I did, their hopes of an appreciative kitty audience were dashed when their felines refused to acknowledge the hard work and effort put into constructing the kitty pi. (I know this because I read every single comment on the Kitty Pi Gallery page.)

My felines, however, are INCREDIBLY SMART and more than just the average amount of typical feline adorable. Once again, that is fact not opinion.

As soon as I got home tonight, I pulled the kitty pi off the blocking form. I really blocked it to kingdom come, so I wasn't sure what to expect (would it be stiff? a floppy mess? too thin?) but it turned out relatively soft, and floppy but not excessively so. (I do wish there was a way to make the fiber itself more stiff on the sides, but oh well.) As soon as the kitty pi landed on the floor, Inspector Franklin Cluesoe was on the case.

Click on any picture below for a larger view:

Frankie fills up some kitty pi

I had fully intended to spray a tee tiny amount of catnip in the kitty pi if they hesitated for even a moment to appreciate its goodness, but that was totally unnecessary.

Before Frankie could hunker down and get comfy in the new kitty pi, she was joined by the rest of the MOST INTELLIGENT and SUPERIOR cats in the entire world:

Bob investigates the Kitty Pi, Frankie defends her outpost

Bob conquers Kitty Pi, Frankie is banished

Frankie manages to get back into a corner of the kitty pi, Bob takes a layover approach. The Mighty Soba licks her lips in anticipation of busting a move and owning the kitty pi.

What you don't see in the picture above is the horrible beat-down that Frankie got when Sobakowa, a.k.a. Chairman Meow, made her move. It wasn't pretty. There was growling and some serious paw punching.

At last, Soba is in the Kitty Pi. All is right with the world. The general is in her labyrinth, so to speak.

Of course, Roy isn't pictured in all this Kitty Pi positioning, because Roy is a patient guy. He mostly likes to lay on me, and uses designated cat beds only when I'm not around to be his own personal pillow. After the initial hullabaloo over the kitty pi had died down here at chez spinster, I waited until the knitted pi was unoccupied and moved it onto the sofa, right next to me, where Roy promptly got in and curled up for a long night's sleep:

Awwww. The end!

Posted by laurie at March 22, 2005 9:55 AM