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March 29, 2005

I. Am. So. Embarrassed.

I never post comments on blogs because I'm afraid someone will think I'm a weird nutty stalker or something ("I'm being stalked by this spinster with four cats and a drinking problem!") but then I was talking to a friend who said that all readers should comment so the writers know they get readers. (Of course I get no comments ... except for Jennifer and Crystal who love me and my no-comment self.)

So I have a few sites I read faithfully, mostly knitting stuff. And I decided to take this big plunge and COMMENT, but just on the three blogs I love the most. So I broke through my comment-a-phobia and did it. Except that on one of them, I was trying to leave a comment and the internet was being stupid and it kept saying "proxy error, try again" and I kept hitting the back button, and none of my comments worked. Until the one time it *did* work, and, um, this really nice person who I never wrote comments to before because I didn't want her thinking I was a stalker got SIX of the same comment from me.


Posted by laurie at March 29, 2005 2:10 PM