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February 9, 2005

Perfectionism rears its ugly head

Knitted a few rows on my new fuzzy scarf and then scrutinized my Beginner Scarf, which I will now call the Tokyo scarf, after the name of the yarn. I can't knit on it anymore since I have no aforementioned Tokyo yarn, but scrutiny is free and plentiful.

Problem is that as my Tokyo Scarf shapes up, it's... uh, it's a bit wide. And thick. It's so thick it could stand up on its own, less like a scarf and more life a statue made of knit stitch.

Maybe it's because my stitches are so tight or because I pulled the yarn. Or maybe there are just too many stitches cast on. I read about blocking and that sounds like a wonderful way to shape a project but I'm not sure a spritz of water and a pin or two will turn the Kevlar tightness of this knit into a wearable item.

Also, the ladies at the yarn shop said two hanks of yarn is plenty for normal scarves yet I'm only 25 or so inches in on my impenetrable Tokyo Scarf, so clearly I'll need one if not two more skeins. That brings the grand total to what.... over $50?

In other news, I'll be standing on a corner on 7th Street later if anyone wants to pay a nice girl for her company.

The Splash scarf is coming along:


Roy helps me knit by keeping the yarn warm.

I'm going to teach myself to purl from the Stitch n' Bitch book, I just can't wait until class on Saturday!

Posted by laurie at February 9, 2005 10:28 AM