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February 13, 2005

Obsessive compulsive much?

It's final, I am going to rip out the stitches on my Tokyo scarf and start all over again.

I decided this just now, as I am about 3/4 done. What's most embarrassing is that I am only a very beginner knitter and already I'm being an irrational perfectionist freak.

But, OK, I'm not really being a perfectionist freak. I'm being detailed. And craft-loving. I hereby present in my defense three significant concerns about my Tokyo scarf:

Significant Concern # 1: It's too wide. That's the main problem. You don't need to be a Type-A neurotic to see that. It's clearly visible. Really. And while the yarn knits up very neat and tiny on these 10.5 needles, maybe the natural beauty of the yarn would be more obvious in a larger needle. Plus, I don't have to point out that at $12/ball, this scarf is going to cost me eleventeen hundred dollars by the time this is all over.

Significant Concern # 2: This is an eleventeen hundred dollar scarf that I don't love love love.

Significant Concern # 3: Since the yarn is knitting up so tightly, the fabric is super dense and I don't think it will drape nicely unless it's super long to offset the weight or unless I am using it to stop bullets during an ambush. While a dense, warm, bulletproof wool scarf of 15 feet will work swimmingly on a trip to Siberia, it will never get used here in Los Angeles. Not to mention I get about 14 inches of length per skein, and at the required 72.5 feet for draping I'm looking at ....oh, eleventeen million dollars.

So, what do I do? To rip or not to rip, that is the question.

Pro: I will be able to cast on myself, the amount and size stitches I prefer.
Con: I will have to unravel three skeins of tightly knit wool.

Pro: I can avoid creating a scarf I am unhappy with, which will end up shoved in a drawer somewhere, thereby wasting $60 of yarn.
Con: Unraveling days of hard work!

Pro: Can maybe use a new stitch, like stockinette.
What if I rip it all out and don't like the new scarf any better?
Pro: Can avoid that by swatching. See, aha, I am learning something!

Pro: Will not be obsessed by imperfect scarf.
Con: Class and teacher will think I am OCD.

Pro: Since I am OCD, won't care what class thinks. Will need to wash hands twice during class, though.

So I think we all know where this is headed. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night. One last look before it goes away:




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