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February 19, 2005

Los Angeles drowns, film footage at eleven

I didn't make it to class. It's been raining in Los Angeles, which sounds like normal winter weather but is in fact THE WORLD COMING TO AN END. Homes are falling off their foundations, rivers of mud are sweeping the roads, entire neighborhoods are under water, and hair gel is failing left and right, with nothing to keep us from the frizz.

Shannon called me a few hours before class started and said, "I don't think I'm going to Lani's today, I just have so much to do and Karman and I have to produce just years of bank statements together for the lender..." (Shannon and Karman are buying a condo!) and I said, "It's raining."

And we both laughed, because neither of us want to go out in the awful weather.

Side note: Rain may not seem like awful weather to you. I grew up in the deep south and rain was an every day thing. But out here in Los Angeles it almost never rains. We only get about seven inches of rain each year and even that is daunting, but this year we have had 33 inches and counting. With all the canyon roads closed from mud and the Sepulveda basin closed from flooding, traffic is an unholy mess. Gridlock is everywhere, even on small neighborhood streets. To drive the 6.5 miles to Lani's I would need to give myself a full hour thanks to the water falling from the sky. While you laugh at us Angelenos and our fussy ways, just remember that we are paying $2.33 a gallon for gas right now. Don't you feel sorry for us? Sad for the poor Hollywoodites and their tragic mist and Starbucks cups and high gas prices? C'mon, even just a little?

My rainy patio, click for bigger images of exciting raindrops:

Posted by laurie at February 19, 2005 9:17 AM