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February 26, 2005

Cats and hats and haiku, oh my

Finally ripped out all my stitches on the Filatura di Crosa "Tokyo" scarf, my first-ever scarf is now my first-ever pile of unknitting.


Gosh it's pretty yarn. Post-demolition, the fiber was all kinked up and crazy from my manic tight knitting so I hung it in loose folds on clothes hangers in the bathroom to steam during my morning shower.

How much steam can be generated by a morning dip, you may ask? I have set off the smoke alarm in my hallway more than once with my steamy showers. I don't know how I manage to take a steamy shower for twenty minutes, but I consider it one of my superpowers. I emerge pink and shiny and pruned of finger and toe, but thoroughly relaxed.

There was a non-knitted ball of the yarn still in my bag and I have been swatching like a madwoman to find the best gauge and stitch to display the yarn to its fullest. I've knitted it on 11s, 13s and 15s. Next swatch is going to be a drop-stitch, which I think will show the ribbon off really well (though doing garter stitch on big needles, or two different size needles, may be a solution). Drop-stitch ends up wonky for me on the first and last stitch. I WILL NOT ABIDE THE WONKY.

In preparation for knitting the Kitty Pi, I decided I should do a smaller round project. I'm not sure why I decided this. If pressed, I might say it came about from a trip to a local yarn shop where I found some really beautiful Lana Grossa yarn on sale. It just looked like a cute winter hat-to-be, and I could envision it topped with the world's largest pom-pom.

Hat Haiku:

Oh hat, I'll knit you....
But circulars look daunting.
Double-points? Eeeegads.

I have missed my knitting class for several weeks and these double-pointed needles aren't just going to knit themselves into a hat, you know. If I can figure out the secret of round knitting I will be able to make the ever-so-coveted Kitty Pi cat bed.

Maybe if she had a Kitty Pi, Frankie would stay out of the cupboard:

One of these things does not belong inside the pantry.

Posted by laurie at February 26, 2005 2:51 PM