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February 16, 2005

Fringed out

Lo I present the Raven scarf, a combination of Patons Twister and Patons Allure, knitted on humongoid size 17 bamboo needles:


I finished the furry pink candy-stripe scarf last night for Mary's granddaughter. Traffic was gnarly and I not only finished knitting the scarf while still on the bus, but I also had plenty of time to cast off, weave in all my loose ends and wind my leftover fuzzy yarn for the fringe. However, the only item I had available for winding the right length of fringe was a pack of cigarettes, which seemed wrong and inappropriate for a frilly little girl's scarf (of course I used it anyway.)

Some key things I have learned about making fringe:

Fringe Lesson 1:
Try to make an even row of fringe on the fringe-making device or else some strands will be longer than others. I mistakenly wrapped the thread round and round over itself. I should have wrapped all of it side-by-side (on the oh-so-Klassy pack of smokes) because some of the fringe strands were shorter than other strands.

Fringe Lesson 2:
Do not cut fringe, add fringe, arrange fringe or any other fringe-related activities anywhere near Frankie. She is a fringe-eating, yarn-destroying maniac with claws.


My new morning commute project is a duplicate of the very first scarf I ever completed, a Crystal Palace splash fuzzy little frou-frou that looks exactly like I am knitting up a kitten. I still have my Practice Scarf -- which is going ribbingly! -- but I'm not going to work on my Tokyo scarf swatches until I get some size 11 needles on Saturday and swatch out a piece of yarn in a bigger weave, and maybe in stockinette.

And just in case you think Franklin Delano Rosencat is an evil, yarn-eating maniac who never sleeps, you would be wrong. Even evil sleeps.

Posted by laurie at February 16, 2005 9:00 AM