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February 14, 2005

First Valentine's Day resingled


You know, after surviving your first Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's season without your spouse, one would think Valentine's Day would be a breeze.

One would be wrong.

So, off to Michael's for yarn. There are some stereotypes built into that sentence and the picture right above probably doesn't help.

The problem with my local yarn shops -- and there are about seven GREAT little yarn boutiques in my general area -- is that they all close at 4 p.m. For those of us who must work to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, that is deeply inconvenient. I better stock up on Saturdays because nothing is open by the time I return to the Valley after a long day of working for The Man. Nothing except Michael's, that is.

The new project is a girly-girl scarf for a coworker's granddaughter, Raven. Raven is the granddaughter of Mary, a very cool lady who is now the sole caretaker of 5-year-old Raven, which I think is pretty upstanding of coworker Mary.

Mary was in the Meeting Where I Got Yelled At (which then became Meeting Where I Cried). As you can imagine, I was horribly embarrassed by this incident but Mary later confessed that she has also cried at work, and she's also been yelled at by the same horrible woman who yelled at me in the meeting, and that made me feel better and somewhat less pathetic. Also kind of wondering why horrible woman is allowed to yell at people. But that was a long time ago and now I carry very sturdy knitting needles in my bag, so take heed future meeting yellers.

Since I was looking for a novelty yarn for a little girl, the Encino Michael's was less frustrating than usual. I decided on a Patons chenille-eyelash twist in hot pink and white. It's a cute combo, but not soft enough for a scarf on its own. I'm combining it with a super-fuzzy, supersoft Paton's Allure in pale pink.


Should be a nice challenge, knitting with three different yarns at the same time. And wine. And general malaise about the day.

I got lots of help admiring the yarn:

Frankie investigates.

Soba appraises the pink yarn from her pink carpet.

Roy is so helpful when it comes to untangling the yarn.

Posted by laurie at February 14, 2005 8:51 AM